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Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Does a Pharmacy Technician Need a License?

pharmacy technician license

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists dispense medications, and some states require a license in order to perform this and other duties. How to Get a Pharmacy Technician License Look on your state’s licensing division website to see if a license is required. Twenty-one states do not require a license or formal …

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Pharmacy Technician Jobs: Learn About Duties, Education, Certification, and More

Pharmacy Technician Jobs

If you’re looking for a healthcare career that has good pay, benefits, and doesn’t require a lengthy education, consider becoming a pharmacy technician. Job DutiesPreview Depending on the employer, a pharmacy technician’s job duties can include: Counting, measuring, pouring, and weighing medications and tablets Creating labels for prescription bottles Taking …

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A Pharmacy Technician’s Duties in a Retail Setting

Pharmacy Technician's Duties

Pharmacy technicians work in a variety of settings and one of them is retail. Retail Pharmacy Technician’s Duties These differ slightly from location to location as they depend on state law. Usually, pharmacy technicians cannot perform a prescription’s final check or counsel patients on clinical information. In some areas, they can …

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What are a Pharmacy Technician’s Responsibilities in a Hospital Setting?

Pharmacy Technician's Responsibilities

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for assisting licensed pharmacists prepare and distribute medication. What are a Pharmacy Technician’s Responsibilities in a Hospital Setting? Those who work in a hospital have many day-to-day responsibilities. They include: Filling Orders Pharmacy technicians fill prescription orders that are written by physicians in a hospital. They must verify …

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How Much do Entry-level Pharmacy Technicians Make?

How Much do Entry-level Pharmacy Technicians Make

Pharmacy technicians work under a licensed pharmacist’s supervision to dispense medications and assist customers. They usually work in pharmacies found in a grocery store, drug store, hospital, or another type of medical facility such as a nursing home. Specific Job Duties Specific pharmacy technician duties include: Counting the correct number …

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What do Pharmacy Technicians do?

what do pharmacy technicians do

A career as a pharmacy technician usually begins with the question: What do pharmacy technicians do? Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists with dispensing medications to health professionals or to customers. The technicians usually work in a hospital or retail environment. Pharmacists are liable for the authenticity of the prescribed medications …

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Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook and Prospects

Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook

A pharmacy technician assists a licensed pharmacist with daily responsibilities that are required in a pharmacy. A pharmacy technician helps with patient and customer accounts and communicates directly with a public patron who comes into a pharmacy or drug store. A public customer comes to a pharmacy in order to …

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